What is this thing called Pho’?

I have always been a lover of the Vietnamese soup called Pho'(pronounced “FUH”). I ate it when I was on a dating my husband at the time, who by the way is native Vietnamese. He taught me what to add as far as condiments and how to enjoy this wonderfully fragrant and tasty soup.

If I can’t make it to “Little Saigon”(Westminister), Alhambra or El Monte for this delicious soup. Than I go to local Pho’ restaurant near where I live. Pho 2000. They have several locations. The one I would frequent moved due to the high rise condos being built on Western and Wilshire. So I go to Pho’ 2000 other location which is on Vermont and 7th. It isn’t as busy as the Western and Wilshire location when it was opened. But nonetheless, is a good place to get a deceint bowl of your favorite type of Pho’.

Pho’ is a basic broth and noodle soup. One may have ox tail, steak or seafood as the meat of choice. When the bowl of soup arrives to you at the table, you smell the fragrance of the broth, meat, onions, anise seed, ginger and nuc mum(fish sauce). You may add some additional things that the waiter/waitress brings to your table. Usually, you may fresh sweet basil, green chile and bean sprouts. Some others may offer cilantro and thinely sliced onions as well. As far as condiments go, one may hoisen(a sweet thick soybean sauce), nuc mum(fish sauce) and siracha chili sauce. My favorite Pho’ is the Pho’ Tai, than the Pho’ Chicken, than the Oxtail.

I also do like ordering on ocassion the egg rolls with romaine lettuce and nuc mum dipping sauce.I also like ordering the “Bun Thit Nuong and Cha Gio”. Which is grilled pork chop, egg rolls and vermicilli noodles. For those who are crazy about coffee, I would recommend drinking the cafe’ su da. Which is the Vietnamese Iced Coffee. Patience is the key with this drink. It is recommended to order the coffee at the time of your pho’ order. By the time you are finished with the soup, the coffee would have finished dripping into you coffee cup from the Vietnamese coffee maker. At the bottom of the cup is a spoonful of condensed milk. Once you have the amount of coffee. Stir and add the coffee mixture to your glass of ice and stir again to get the full taste.

Having Pho’ is a wonderful dish to experience. If you ever get a chance to sample or eat some. Go for it. It is worth the taste and experience.

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