Eva Mendes Los Angeles Celebrity

Eva Mendes is a popular star that was born in Miami, Florida, but she was raised in Los Angeles with a Cuban-American heritage. During her college days, she started her acting career and study under Coach Ivana Chubbuck. After studying acting, she developed a desire to appear into film in the future. At first Eva was taking smaller roles in films and she was not yet known at the time until she played the role of Denzel Washington’s girlfriend in the movie Training Day in 2002. That is the start of her shining and exciting career as a movie star. After that, she was featured in a wide variety of roles from dramatic to comedy. These opportunities allowed her way to work with highly respected and regarded directors like Carl Franklin in Out of Time, Robert Rodriguez in Once Upon A Time in Mexico, John Singleton in 2 fast 2 Furious, Farrelly Bros. in Stuck on You, and Antoine Fuqua in Training Day her first breakthrough movie.

Mendez also co-starred in an independent film entitled The Wendell Baker Story in the year 2005 with popular stars Will Ferrell, Owen Wilson and Luke Wilson. Luke Wilson was also the director of the film, but before that her biggest movie was Hitched in 2005. This movie is a romantic comedy film that had her paying the opposite Will Smith. Along of her acting career, Eva was also employed by Revlon cosmetics as their international spokeswoman. She joined with so many elite actresses like Halle Berry, Julianne Moore and Cindy Crawford. These women have appeared in different Revlon commercial and print ads. She is also one of an active member and supporter of the Revlon’s fight against the dreaded disease breast cancer.

Eva’s desire in her life is to continuously further her acting ability and skills by working with a lot of popular filmmaker/directors like Spike Jonze and Pedro Almodóvar, and Steven Soderbergh and learn with these world renowned directors. Eva has a very intense feeling and passion for acting since she started in her college and until now. This is the reason why she keeps on accepting a lot films that will improve her craft in acting. Today, her latest movie was The Women in Los Angeles. This movie is all about of course women in Los Angeles and the relationship between them. Eva played the character Crystal Allen which is a hot lady that is having an affair with a popular businessman who is already married.

During one of her interviews Eva Mendes, talks about the time she spend in rehab earlier this year because of having a problem dealing with a famous person. Actually, she admits that she is having a hard time adapting herself. Being a star is not easy, because people’s eyes are always on you. This is the bad side of being a popular celebrity. If you are ready to be the next Eva Mendes, then you need to be a tough woman like her. She is definitely one of the most popular Stars and she wishes to be that way forever.

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