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Elephant Rides at Santa Ana Zoo California

Elephant Rides at Santa Ana Zoo Photo By: Stephen Zopf
Elephant Rides at Santa Anna Zoo
The Santa Ana Zoo is a popular zoo that was first opened in the year 1952 in the land that was donated by a local citrus grower named Joseph Prentice. This were two conditions of the donation right before the zoo was built. One is that the name of the zoo will be named after and there should be at least fifty monkeys that will be displayed inside the zoo.Today, the zoo owns a lot of money and there are thousands of visitors come annually to visit and enjoy the zoo. The Santa Ana Zoo display 90 species, 35 exhibits and 249 individuals.

The zoo has a lot of exciting rides and activities that will keep children very interested. One of the best rides that children and adults enjoy within this park is the elephant rides. As you all know elephants are large species of animals and they can carry you on their back easily. This is one of the best attractions of the place. The elephants are well kept and fed by the zoo keepers, so they are always ready for fun and action. These elephants are very lovable and they love people, because they are trained with people around, so they do not panic especially when there are lots of people watching them. The zoo keepers ensure that these elephants are safe around lots of people.

The Santa Ana zoo that was located inside the Prentice Park at Santa Ana, California is about a 20-acre zoo, so it is really perfect for the whole family. You kids can personally pet the animals and learn about real farm life. This is the best way for you to teach your kids how to care about animals and other species around them. If you want something that will keep your family busy this weekend, then why not visit the Santa Ana zoo for a change.

Aside from the elephant rides, your children can also enjoy all miniature rides, the Crean family farm and the children zoo. If you are already tired strolling the park. You can rest and relax for while at the garden while the kids enjoy climbing on the play area and the snack bar. This is the best way for all parents to introduce their child to all the wonders inside the zoo. They will learn to care and appreciate animals and their environment.

The whole visit to the Santa Ana zoo will take you about three to four hours or more. The more time you spent inside the Santa Ana, the more your children will surely enjoy. If you are looking for real fun and excitement for your children, then Santa Ana Park is worth visiting. The parking is for free and the admission to the zoo is very affordable for the whole family. The place is both for the little ones and for the grownups, so both children and adults will surely enjoy the place. You can give your children the best weekend every without the need to spend huge money from your monthly budget.

Riding Zoo Elephants
Adults and children pay $5 for an elephant ride at the Santa Ana Zoo from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. The rides are available from October through April.

Santa Ana Zoo Information
Zoo Address: 1801 East Chestnut Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92701
Zoo Office Phone: (714) 836-4000
Recorded Zoo Information: (714) 835-7484

General admission is $8 for adults, $5 for children ages 3-12, and children under 2 are free; visitors age 60 and older pay $5. After 2 p.m. on weekdays (non-holidays), the entrance fee is half price. Free admission for Santa Ana residents is on the third Sunday of every month.

For more information on directions to and from the Santa Ana Zoo, visit

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Los Angeles West Hollywood Luxury Hotels

LXR Luxury Resorts & Hotels will re-open the Bel Age Hotel as The London West Hollywood in April 2008. The London West Hollywood brings Beverly Hills style to the more contemporary feel of West Hollywood. The London West Hollywood will present a new take on glamour and offer great service, accommodations and restaurants.

The London West Hollywood hotel is located in the Hollywood Hills, steps from the entertainment scene Continue reading

a knife and fork revolution: Ghetto Gourmet feeds the ‘hungry’ in Los Angeles

Ghetto Gourmet SignI am an avid reader of blogs— I have to be, as a blogger– but also, it’s my passion to find out what’s going on. It used to be I would read bullitin boards and the local free newspapers around where I lived or was visiting to find out what was happening, but now Continue reading

Writer’s Strike. Is it really over?

It is being said in the media that the writer’s strike maybe soon over. So that many of the more popular shows may actually end on their regular timeline, which is in May, 2008. So if you are a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, Lost as well others, may see the finale’s in the annual Television May Sweeps. You know, gotta get them ratings in to bring in more money/revenue Continue reading

The Agony of de-feet…Pershing Square Ice Skating- we had fun!

“every year” (and I put that in quotes on purpose, because…well, you’ll see), we head downtown to Pershing Square where the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks creates a veritable winter wonderland in between the tall buildings in L.A.

The ice skating rink has been our destination for the last few years over the holidays. Usually, we’ve gone at night and during the week, so it hasn’t Continue reading

Alisa Apps Music video CONFUSION 267,000+ views on YouTube

Alisa Apps music video CONFUSION, which is not set for official release until March, already hit # 2 on the UK YouTube music charts

Pop singer Alisa Apps, without a major record label, has launched her website and singing career just 10 days ago. She has announced that she is not seeking to sign with a major record label.

Alisa Apps

and they got to keep the dresses!

There are so many fantastic ways to gather in groups in L.A.

I know that some people just aren’t “joiners”, but I am, and I am a HUGE extrovert, so a fun, lively gathering of interesting people calls to me. If you need a little jolt to spur you to action, here are some ideas…

There are networking meetings for business, there are singles gatherings, there are social Continue reading

Los Angeles Zoo

Tiger at the Los Angeles ZooTiger posed at the Los Angeles Zoo | Los Angeles ZooLos Angeles Zoo is a place where you can find a perfect combination of flora and fauna. We all know that Continue reading

Fun with hats and scones…an afternoon with my teenage daughter.

A few weeks ago, when my daughter was down visiting, she asked me one cold and dreary afternoon if we could go for High Tea. I thought that would be a grand idea, and the trusty internet lead us on an adventure for the afternoon! Take a look and see what happened…


see you on the freeway

  Continue reading

Ice Skating in Downtown Los Angeles Until Jan. 21

The 10th installment of the Pershing Square Ice rink continues until Jan. 21. There’s still plenty of time left to skate and enjoy the activities at the L.A. Kings Downtown on Ice rink in Pershing Square. On Wednesday night at 6 p.m there is one final adult hockey clinic. Thursday at noon a Lunchtime concert takes place and a Led Zeppelin cover band performs Friday night. On Saturday starting at Continue reading