Los Angeles Little Enclaved Towns

I know in many major cities across America have enclaves, or better know as “little towns”.  Such as in Los Angeles.  Here are but a few Los Angeles enclaves.  All are wonderful for their unique cultures, foods, festivals and contributions to the Los Angeles community.

Little Armenia
Little Tokyo
Thai Town
Little Ethopia
Little Manila
Jewish – Beverlywood
Little Persia
Little Italy – Which is now Chinatown. Yes odd I know.

I know in Los Angeles we have many of these inner cities as well. Such as East Los Angeles – Echo Park and City Terrace, West Los Angeles, South Central Los Angeles – Leimert Park and Watts as well as Hollywood. Many of them make up small businesses and have great restaurants, and annual festivals highlighting their country of orgin and its cultures.

Now you probably wonder why I would mention Los Angeles enclaves. Well I am sure you do realise the diversity of the “Little Town’s”. And this is one of the many things I enjoy about the Los Angeles community. The best of many countries being brought to one community is a difinite highlight of living or visting such large cities. This is not counting the many districts as well in Los Angeles. Los Angeles also has a financial district, clothing district, jewelry district, toy district as well as a few other districts. So you can do one of two things, visit all the “little enclaves” or shop in the many districts, or do both, your choice. Los Angeles is a must definite visit for a vast cultural and shopping experience.

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