LA Unified School District says “Where’s The Beef?”

In the last few days news has broken out about the Westland group which is located in Chino. California providing some bad beef to the Los Angeles Unified School District(LAUSD). About 37 million pounds of beef have been recalled that had gone to the school lunch programs. There are 150 school districts across the nation that have stopped using the ground beef from the processing plant Hallmark Meat Co. which is associated with Westland distrubters.

The issue at large about the beef that the processing company Hallmark Meat Co. and their distrubuter Westland had provided was that many of the cows were downed cattle. The downed cattle pose health risks or pose a higher risk of contamination of E. Coli, Salmonella or mad cow disease. The downed cows wallow in feces and their immune systems are low and or weak, hence picking up such diseases.

The USDA is investigating into the issue along with Senator Diane Feinstein of California. The USDA has suspended the operations of Westland and Hallmark until the federals have completed a full investigation. Jack In The Box, the fast food chain is also affected by the downed cows and has stopped taking orders from the companies.

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