Britney Spears Did It Again.

Britney Spears did it again. Back in the celebrity news. She can get as popular as Mike Myers Movies. Ok, so she is a hotter topic at the moment. Some people are saying she is off the wagon. But many reports are saying her issue is more of a mental one than a chemical issue. Reports are saying she is at Cedar Sinai Hospital in West Los Angeles for a medical hold(5150 Hold). A 5150 hold is given to both patients that are on a suicide watch or a drug overdose. She will be given a drug test as well get pyschiatric evaluation.

K-Fed’s bodyguards were sent to Britney’s home on January 3, 2008 to pick up the children for K-Fed’s turn to have the children. The bodyguards were to pick up the children at 7 PM. Britney refused to turn the children over to K-Fed’s people. Apparently the LAPD were called in after Spear’s was not abiding by the court mandated custody agreement. There were about 5- 8 LAPD officers, 2 ambulances, 1 police helicopter and the fire department

During the visit from the police, LAPD allegedly said Britney appeared to be under the influence. She was than transported to Cedar Sinai for a possible 72 hour hold. K-Fed’s and Britney’s 2 year son Sean Preston was also sent to the hospital. It is said that Sean Preston is home safe with his father now.

Well I tried to see if Britney’s people would keep any updates on her myspace profile. But nothing as of yet. So mainly any updates will have to come from news stories. So if you miss any and want an update do a simple search through your favorite media library and  get the latest

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