Anna Nicole Smith Doctor Kept Secret Medical Records

HIPAA is not just about the ultimate protection of patients and insurance policy holders but they are also the ones who are responsible in protecting the medical records of every patient when needed because it is enclosed in the hitech act regulations. One of the Perfect examples of patient who enjoyed the HIPAA law about medical protection law is Anna Nicole Smith. But the benefits it provides not just to her but also to other patients can be critical at times too. This article will best explain the truth behind the Doctor Kept Secret Medical Records on Anna Nicole Smith and how the electronic medical records and the HIPAA compliant EMR software are solutions for the compliance with the HIPAA privacy laws.

Anna Nicole Smith Died of drug overdose in 2007 and after her death, the law enforcers made a thorough investigation about her death and the truth behind her real health condition if she suffers from any chronic ailment. It was done 7 months after the death of Anna Nicole Smith. The police officers went to the house of her doctor and made a thorough research with a warrant of course. They found out that there are medical records under the doctor’s pile of clothes which the doctor once said that he doesn’t kept any medical records of his patients in his home. The investigators once said in court as their primary testimony that they were told by the doctor that he doesn’t keep his patients file at home but the investigators felt that there are piles of papers inside a folder with Anna Nicole Smiths name on them.

They were surprised to see that along with Anna Nicole’s Name are numerous pseudo names along with his son’s. There are different files that were found inside the house of the doctor. Two files were found inside his home and the other file was found inside his office. One paper said that Smith was addicted to opiates according to the doctor. The court let the accused parties to plead for themselves if they are guilty or not. The accused parties are the doctor of Smith and her boyfriend who is also her lawyer. They both pleaded not guilty in this case because they were accused to conspire to prove that Smith is truly addictive to drugs and they were conspiring to provide Smith with variety of prescription drugs using different aliases.

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