Los Angeles Chiropractor, Unconventional Approach to Pain Relief

Have you made your 2009 New Year’s resolutions? How about improving your overall health? Los Angeles Chiropractor and Author Dr. Nicolas Campos offer you an “Unconventional Approach” to absolute pain relief. Dr. Nicolas Campos and his staff at the West Hollywood Healing Arts Center offer a truly unique approach of combining health education with treatment.

Also known as “The West Hollywood Chiropractor”, Dr. Campos is the author of “The Six Keys to Optimal Health” that was published in March of 2008. “. Dr. Campos helps people get out of pain and living their lives to their fullest. His practice focuses on pain relief, biomechanical function restoration, and rehabilitation.” Clients are treated with a full workup of their nutritional panel right on site in the office. . First, a blood test with a nurse practitioner is done to provide the doctor with information about what vitamins and minerals are deficient in the patient. Dr. Nick Campos states that “We provide clients with a program based on what their nutrient panel is and what it is lacking.”

Dr. Campos and the West Hollywood Healing Art Center staff also analyze and treat the feet. The feet are and a central part of the body’s biomechanics. At the West Hollywood Healing Art Center cast molds are made of the feet custom orthotics are created. To help with weight distribution, patients wear them inside of their shoes.

You can call Dr. Campos and the West Hollywood Healing Art Center for a consultation at 323-651-2464.

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