Get a Figure like the Celebrities with the Celebrity Diets

The oomph factor destined to celebrities is surely not gifted. The reason behind the glamorous look of the celebrities is an invisible diet and work out schedule which makes them appear sensational on the screen. But have we ever wondered how the celebrities maintain such great figure?

The secret behind it is the low calorie diet. This low calorie diet keeps the celebrities in the limelight for long time. The Atkins diet has become a popular celebrity diet, which emphasizes on low carbohydrates diet with high proteins.

Celebrities never compromise or miss their workout schedules. It is a well known fact that a celebrity’s career depend upon the on screen charisma and the radiance and sparkle that they reflect when shot for a magazine cover or model on tube. An inside secret that got revealed in a recent interview of a celebrity was that many of the celebrities today are following Sensa diet plan which makes them hold their gradual but inevitable aging process for a longer tenure.

The 5-Factor Diet is another popular plan that actors such as Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore, Eva Mendes, Alicia Keys, John Mayer, Kanye West have used to keep fit. The 5-Factor Diet is a simple diet based on common sense. Each meal should include the 5 basic food groups of protein, carbohydrates, fiber, fat, and fluid. A Los Angeles Celebrity like Eva Mendes an American actress of Cuban descent born in Miami, Florida come were raised in homes having a rich tradition of ethnic cuisine. Cuban food such as the Cuban Sandwich and the side orders of white rice with black beans (arroz moros), tostones (fried green plantains), fried yucca or sweet potatoes, and red beans are high in carbohydrates and it’s fine to eat the comfort foods in moderation. That’s where the 5-Factor plan helps celebrities with a hectic schedule.

Certain celebrities opt for whole grain diet or diet including cereals, vegetables and fruits. They may also go for yoga and meditation to be in shape. A strict diet plan is not a compulsion but intake of fruits and salads is always recommended by the nutritionists.

Due to hefty work schedules the celebrities usually do not get ample time to sleep. Other natural methods to maintain weight too get ousted due to regular page 3 parties and necessary presence in the social ambit. Thus following a Sensa diet celebrities manage to get the required nutrients and vitamins which make them glow and appear pleasing at any hour of the day.

The rejuvenation of the body and the mind is achieved through the massages at the spas. The celebrities also have a personal trainer who helps them in getting a good toned and fit body. Self-denial from the dairy foods is the fad among many of the celebs. Having the meals at home is diet tip given by the celebrities. Therefore, if you want to achieve the figure of your favorite celebrity then you should surely follow a diet plan which comprise of a healthy diet and a regular workout.

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