California Medical Use of Marijuana – The important thing to note

The important thing to note is that Medical Marijuana is approved in California, so much so that patients who reside here no longer suffer from chronic pain associate with some of the otherwise critical illness that other persons throughout the world suffer with, and if they do they still have one other option that probably the rest of the world does not. The remarkable thing about this is that here in California since Marijuana use is legal, doctors here prescribe the drug for many patients and in doses that can be altered according to the severity of the condition, here in California there are not restricted by guidelines nor just restricted to prescribing a substitute, the only limitations faced here are faced by the authorities who have to determine whether person grow the drug for medicinal purposes or recreational ones – and even that has been made simple as there are institutes here who specialize in prescribing this drug as a natural course of their treatment program and for patients of institutes such as these they are actually given identification card.

Whilst it had been hoped, that by now after some 40 years, the plant would have been accepted globally for it’s remarkable medicinal use against Chronic Pain, Aids Related illness, Mood Disorders, Wasting Syndromes, Chronic Muscle Plasticity and Intractable Nausea, the important thing to note is that is has not been accepted.

Whilst it had been hoped, that by now after some 40 years, the plant would have been accepted globally for it’s remarkable medicinal use against Chronic Pain, Aids Related illness, Mood Disorders, Wasting Syndromes, Chronic Muscle Plasticity and Intractable Nausea, the important thing to note is that is has not been accepted.

What more could the Federal Government need as proof, they themselves have done their own research and produced their own reports yet still all they are willing to allow is a substitute, that does not do as much as using the plant it self, it is widely noted that persons who use the pill complain that it does not work as effectively and that they still suffer quite enormously, it has already been proven that this drug is less toxic than most pharmaceutical drugs in current use, that said – one wonders what is the important thing to note here, why it is not being allowed or is it that it is being allowed but slowly and cautiously.

In California these question are no longer and issue and Medical Practitioners here swear by the drugs prolific healing powers and are moving full steam ahead, patients here also swear by it’s healing powers for want of a better description and have chosen in many instances to grow the plant themselves – the important thing to note is why then does the rest of the country need to put together petitions in order to ask the Federal government to grant them use of the drug not just by themselves as they maybe suffers of Chronic pain but they have seen it necessary to even rally the support of the families, relatives and love ones as they try to win this battle, the simple solution would be to uproot and move the California, but the right solution which of course is the important thing to note is to fight for equal rights and justice for all.

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