Things to Know About Travel to Tegucigalpa, Honduras

In case you are wondering….. it will take us 3 hours to get from New York to Houston, Texas. Then…. it will take us 3 hours and 15 minutes to get from Houston to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. If I were you I will take something to entertain your ass for 6 hours. I suggest a pair of earphones so that you can listen to movies or music in the plane, some planes offers that. But, if you do not have earphones, you can buy them from the flight attendants, each cost about $3 to $5. Make sure you tell your mother and cousins to take one. Ask your kids to lend you their portable video game systems, you will kill an hour or so playing video games, or less if the battery runs out.

I always take gum, a snack (no liquid what so ever), something to read, my laptop, a deck of cards, and my IPOD fully charged. Also, I suggest you buy a small bottle of Pepto Bismol, you never know. Trust me on that one.

In Honduras, do not drink the water out of the water faucet, and when you go to restaurants ask for drinks without ice. Do not drink any kind of ice coffee or anything similar, some use water from the faucet to make the ice. If you do, you might be sorry.

Also, do not speak English in the taxi, at least not before asking how much they charge. If they hear you talking English and they have not tell you how much the ride is going to cost, they will ask you for more than the usual. Do not use jewelry of any kind or carry a cell phone on plain sight, you will be sorry. Also, please, please, cover your arm tattoo. The cops over there might think you are gang related, and they might question you. You don’t want to be taken to the mamo, by the chepos.

In case you did not see the following video, I suggest you watch it.


It might save your ass. Look at the video, if not, you will NOT know what they mean when they say pisto. If they ask you “Where you from?”, tell them… soy 100% Catracha, but not to the police you show them your identification. Save some dollars for the return, that way you will be able to buy food in Houston, the snack is not a big deal. Also, you will need some money to pay a foreign fee and another type of fee in the airport. Over all I think is less than $45 per person. Do not carry your passport, because if you loss it, you will have a problem! Be careful were you leave it. I always leave my valuables in the safe deposit box, every room has one in the hotels that we stay in. You never know, trust no one. When you change dollars for Lempiras, they should give you anywhere between 18.80 and 19.00 lempiras per every dollar, normally they give 18.89 per cada lempira. For example, if you change $100 that is about 1,889 lempiras.

I always keep an eye on who is around me all the time.

When you come back, you’ll be telling your husband: “Te quiero en puta.” ja ja ja ja ja ja….. See the video and you will know what I mean.

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