Medical marijuana doctors in CA

For the better part of more than four decades, there has been a War raging between Medical practitioners and the Federal Government, with the only casualties being the patients that continue to suffer -In almost every part of the county except for California many doctors have become frustrated with the mere fact that as practitioners they cannot prescribe a safe and reliable cure – The most significant or unbelievable factor, is that, there is to date no historical data that proves marijuana has ever been administered in a fatal dose – if this is a fact then it begs us to ask the responsible question as to why do we still have persons who continue to suffer, especially since the drug is less toxic than most pharmaceutical drugs in current use, and is certainly helpful for some patients, including those with wasting syndromes, chronic muscle plasticity and intractable nausea.

In 1999, a report commissioned by the White House, proved what has already been stated above. Medical practitioners in California are probably the only ones seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, since there is no state regulation or standard for the cultivation and/or distribution medical marijuana, and in some areas within California there is an allowance of up to 99 plants – giving physician the ability not to just prescribe the use of the drug but prescribe more in exceptional cases, there is yet still some hope for some as there is also a substitute available that may aid some but for chronic suffers the cry remains the same, the substitute does not work as effectively as the plant itself.

Reports coming out of California show that the top medical uses of the drug are as follows:
• 40% Chronic Pain
• 22% AIDS-Related
• 15% Mood Disorders
• (23% All other categories)

This leaves law enforcement with only one issue where the drug is concerned and that is differentiating whether or not a person possesses the drug for medical or recreational purposes.
In 1968 Medical Practitioner thought, that this plant was well on it way to being established as a plant for medical use some five years after they initially indicated what it can do – but some 40 years later – Medical Practitioners in California seem to be the only one’s who have been successful – in case you did not know after the passage Compassionate Use Act 1996 – Proposition 215 it is now legal for patients to speak with their physician regarding the use of medical marijuana, the good news is that for patients in California they have found the cure for their chronic pain, and suffering with certification going as far as the issuance id card for patients using the drug and full support for California medical centers established solely for this purpose – all other as person especially desperately ill people are left as at 2002 – with the support of their friends, families and loved ones to deliver a case in order to petition the government not to deprive, them of medicine that relieves their suffering.

Pink’s Hot Dogs

Not to far from Paramont Studios in Los Angeles is Pink’s Hot Dogs. The distance between Paramont Studios and Pinks is less than a mile. Pink’s Hot Dog Stand has been in the same location since 1939. Pink’s is historical by all means for just not its location to Hollywood Studios but also for its hot dogs.

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The Agony of de-feet…Pershing Square Ice Skating- we had fun!

“every year” (and I put that in quotes on purpose, because…well, you’ll see), we head downtown to Pershing Square where the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks creates a veritable winter wonderland in between the tall buildings in L.A.

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Things to Know About Travel to Tegucigalpa, Honduras

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Kiefer Sutherland “24″ Actor Finally Divorced

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What is this thing called Pho’?

I have always been a lover of the Vietnamese soup called Pho’(pronounced “FUH”). I ate it when I was on a dating my husband at the time, who by the way is native Vietnamese. He taught me what to add as far as condiments and how to enjoy this wonderfully fragrant and tasty soup.

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Los Angeles Little Enclaved Towns

I know in many major cities across America have enclaves, or better know as “little towns”.  Such as in Los Angeles.  Here are but a few Los Angeles enclaves.  All are wonderful for their unique cultures, foods, festivals and contributions to the Los Angeles community.

Little Armenia
Little Tokyo
Thai Town
Little Ethopia
Little Manila
Jewish – Beverlywood

Kiefer Sutherland Out of Jail Monday

Kiefer Sutherland will soon take off his orange jumpsuit. He has spent the last 48 days locked up and will get out of Glendale City Jail Monday morning. “He’ll be let out the front door just like everyone else,” according to Officer John Balian.

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Anime Los Angeles Convention on January 2-4, 2009

The Anime Los Angeles will open on January 2-4, 2009 at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott Los Angeles, CA. At-Door Ratesare $50 weekend; $20 Fri; $30 Sat; $20 Sun.

Events include Anime Screening(s), AMV Screening(s), Workshops, Autographs (free), Charity Auction and other events. The guests are Zac Bertschy (Editor, Anime News Network), Johnny Yong Bosch (Voice Actor)
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El Cholo Restaurant

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